Regency Classics

Customer Feedback from Recent Projects

"I spent a year looking for a powder blue 1975-76 GM 4 door hardtop and finally found a beautiful, low mileage 1975 Ninety Eight Regency.  However, I soon realized that a prior owner had added many hidden aftermarket parts under the dash, and the climate control, radio, and several other major accessories were no longer functioning as they should. There were also wires dangling everywhere, disconnected cables, vacuum lines, and switches. It was overwhelming to look at, and the last thing I wanted to do was try to fix it myself, or worse, trust it to a "professional" who would treat it like just another generic "old car" and mess it up even more.  Luckily, I found Regency Classics.  John knows his Oldsmobiles and within a few hours of my dropping off the car, he had the dash out and was isolating missing pieces and issues everywhere and locating replacement parts.  When I got the car back 2 weeks later, I had a functioning radio and automatic climate control system for the first time, the cool rolling digital clock was keeping perfect time, and a lot of rattles, squeaks, and loose trim had been repaired. My Ninety Eight Regency finally felt like the classy American luxury car it was when it drove out of the dealership.  Best of all, Regency Classics provides up-to-date invoices with lots of pictures, gives accurate estimates, and charges a reasonable rate.  I'm confident that no one else, except maybe a factory technician imported in a time machine from Lansing, Michigan in 1975, could have done what Regency Classics did for my Oldsmobile.  I would recommend them unreservedly."

Owen K. - Owner, 1975 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency Sedan