Regency Classics

Owen's '75 Ninety Eight Regency Sedan

DONE (For Now)

I've owned this beautiful 98 since 1997 and she has proven to be extremely reliable and an outstanding "driver".

On our way home from Niagara Falls, Ontario (on yet another great road trip in the 98), we were driving through a heavy downpour when a wild turkey decided to play a game of chicken with my 98! Let's just say the turkey underestimated his opponent. In losing the battle, the turkey did leave his mark on my poor car and so she had to go into the shop for some repairs. The header panel, headlight/parking light frames and lens were all destroyed and the fender was even slightly bent where the header pushed into it. All in all, it was minimal considering my then pregnant wife and I drove home without a scratch and the 98 didn't miss a beat.  When it came time to have the damage repaired, I decided to have some other, much-needed work done as well. (Yes, I too suffer from "While I'm at it syndrome".)

At the time, the 98 was still wearing much of her original paint and even the original vinyl top. The rear window had some rust hiding under the top and the roof and trunk were badly faded. I decided to rip off the top and have the rust repaired and a brand new, factory-correct top installed. The trunk was also repainted along with the  tops of the quarters, complete roof, a replacement header panel and the front bumper fillers. Since coming home from the shop, the new top went on and I've since reinstalled all of the glass. I also re-installed the beautiful, original rear bumper that my black 98 had "borrowed" for a bit. Although it took a bit longer than I had hoped to get this baby back together, she's all good now and I am thrilled to be driving her again!

What was done?

- Trunk lid, roof, header and tops of quarters all repainted

- Installed repainted front bumper fillers

- Installed and reassembled repainted header panel

- Installed new vinyl top

- Painted and installed vinyl top frame

- Installed fixed rear glass

- Added rear bumper guards

- Changed cornering lights to '74 / '75 style

- Replaced trunk and roof weatherstripping

- Pinstriped quarters

My Mahogany '76 Ninety Eight Regency Coupe

DONE (For Now)

What was done?

- Replaced rear brake lines and wheel cylinders, bled brakes and road tested.

- Replaced damaged "drip rail" trim

Completed Projects

Brian's '76 Ninety Eight Regency Coupe

DONE (For Now)

What was done?

- Replaced cracked dash pad

- Replaced steering wheel

- Replaced "Tempmatic" slider and dash faceplate, added Cruise Control switch

- Replaced L&R quarter window trim

- Replaced missing fender skirt trim

- Replaced damaged RH quarter panel body-side moulding

- Replaced cracked washer jar

- Replaced RH taillight bezel